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Our goal is for you to walk away with the knowledge to build your own testing strategy and understand how to effectively present a business case to stakeholders to either add or enhance testing in your company.

What You Will Learn 

Why a Testing Strategy is Important

-Why is testing important in today's corporate world
-Where does your company fall in the testing spectrum



Common Challenges 

-Share your company pain points as they relate to your       business and testing

-Where/how your projects relate to your business goals

-Solutions to overcome common challenges 



The Tactical Aspects of Testing

-The difference between Quality Control and Quality         Assurance

-The value of developing a QA/testing roadmap

-Identifying where you need to be in the testing                       spectrum 

-Right sizing your testing

Business Case for Testing Investment 

-How to build the Business Case for an internal Testing       Investment with a focus on ROI and data points

-When and how to partner within your company with         groups of IT & Business.

-How to get funding and executive buy-in


The Value of Automation

-Why you need automation

-The difference and value of automation frameworks

-How can it be leveraged to shift left

-Why use prebuilt accelerators



Deep Dive Into Your Testing Needs

-Whiteboard session review of your testing                               questionnaires

-Q&A session

We would like to extend our gratitude to the ITC QA Team who have spent countless hours and effort in testing, logging, and debugging issues. Without their extraordinary eagerness to step up to bat and their extreme dedication, we would still be testing for weeks to come.

Thi Campbell Rosetta Stone

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ITC provided, as always, very positive results. The project was on-budget and the staff was prompt, professional, informative, engaging, and supportive of the goals of Getty.


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