[On-Demand Webinar]

The Best Path to Oracle Cloud

What is the most practical path to Oracle Cloud for EBS Customers?

There's no single answer to this question but four, as it depends on your company's needs and goals: Shifting your EBS to Cloud, extending your EBS with additive SaaS apps, Migrating to SaaS or a mix of the three.

With the goal to help you assess which path better fits your company, we are inviting you to watch our webcast on demand “The Best Path to Oracle Cloud”, where we shed light over each path, focusing on their specific benefits and traits, their requirements and the scenarios where each path is a better fit.

This webcast covered the following topics:

  • The 3 most practical paths to Oracle Cloud for EBS Customers
  • How can the paths be combined
  • How your company can assess which path is best for you
  • Real client success stories for each scenario