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Discover How Best To Automate Test Design For (Up To) 20x Productivity Gain

Digital transformation is powering the exponential growth and use of technology to modernize applications, support devices and upgrade platforms. As a consequence, the need for organizations to embrace continuous automated testing practices to deliver quality at agile speeds is higher than ever before.

Yet, many organizations continue to struggle with manual test design process complicated by rapidly changing requirements, higher cost of test automation and avoidable delays in time to market. This poses a significant risk to business, their competitiveness and credibility.

Test Design Automation can help organizations to keep up with demand by driving testing at the speed of agile. Download our webinar “Discover How Best To Automate Test Design for (Up to) 20x Productivity Gain” to learn more on how your company can adopt this growing agile testing practice and keep up with the demand of high-quality applications and user experiences.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is the current state of Software Testing & how is it changing
  • What Test Design Automation is and why it matters
  • What are the main benefits and use cases of Test Design Automation
  • The origin of Conformiq’s Test Design Tool
  • Walkthrough of Conformiq’s Creator Features
  • How a company successfully mastered test automation with Conformiq’s Creator

Meet Our Experts:


Deepak Jayavant
Head of Testing at IT Convergence

Deepak, in his more than 20 years of IT experience, has been instrumental in building and transforming QA Practice ground up with a wide range of domain expertise, while supporting sales, delivery, recruitment and building vendor partnerships. He has been a speaker in local forums and contributed in industry conferences and analyst meetings.


Mark Creamer
President & CEO, at Conformiq Inc

Mark brings an engineering background to Sales, Marketing and Strategic partnering for a variety of software businesses. Currently, he is the President and CEO at Conformiq which is dedicated to improve the quality and efficiency of software testing. With over 40 years of industry experience, he is focused on taking software testing to the next level..