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Optimize Your Exadata Migration Timeline: Minimize Time and Costs from X7 to X9M or X10M


Watch this informative webinar, and equip your team with the knowledge and tools to master ExaCS migration from X7 to X10. Gain the confidence to execute a successful migration that minimizes downtime, costs, and complexity, propelling your organization towards a more efficient and robust database infrastructure.

What you’ll learn:

Minimize Migration Costs: Learn how ITC's innovative methodology can significantly reduce the expenses associated with migrating from Exadata X7, X8, or X9 to the latest Exadata X10M, making it a cost-effective and viable option.

Successful Case Study: Discover a real-life case study of one of our customers who achieved a successful and cost-efficient migration using our approach, gaining valuable insights for your own migration journey.

Advantages of Upgrading: Understand the benefits of moving from older Exadata versions like X7, X8, and X9, especially as they approach end-of-life, and explore the enhanced capabilities and features offered by Exadata X10M.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Gain access to compelling data and analysis that will empower you to make informed decisions about whether the migration to Exadata X10M is the right choice for your organization.

Tailored for Existing Exadata Customers: This webinar is tailored specifically for organizations currently using Exadata on OCI, on-premises hardware, or Oracle ExaCS within their data centers, providing targeted insights and solutions to meet their unique migration needs.



Kim Bell 2

Kimberly Bell

VP, Pre-Sales & Practices – Cloud Managed Services


Achutha Shivashankar

Director & Oracle Cloud Architect


Simon Neto

Simon Neto

Senior Solution Architect