On-Demand Webinar

Realize Digital Transformation with Business & IT Alignment


It's a lot easier to talk about implementing technology than it is to actually accomplish it. There is a growing need for organizations to find the sweet spot between implementing the best technology and employing the best approach for doing so to get the most value out of technology implementation.

Your organization needs to think about technology as an enabler and its implementation as the last stage in the journey instead of the first.

So, what would be the first step? How do you evaluate and decide whether your organization is ready for a successful technology implementation?

Let’s explore this and more in our upcoming webinar where our host, Anupam Sharma, Director of Strategy Consulting at IT Convergence, dives deep into realizing digital transformation with effective business and IT alignment for successful technology implementation.

What you’ll learn:
  • How company maturity affects the success of technology implementation
  • The risks of strategy misalignment and how to identify how connected your functional and IT strategies are
  • The value-add of transformation, more so than technology implementation
  • How to start, make progress, and accelerate in the right direction of your technology implementation




Anupam Sharma

Director of Strategic Consulting at IT Convergence