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The Cost of Doing Nothing: Working with Unsupported and Outdated Technology

In the film "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge learns about Christmas Yet to Come if he continues walking in his same footsteps, as well as what could be by changing some of his ways and rethinking the future. These timeless teachings can be applied to the three pillars of IT: people, process, and technology.

What are the potential outcomes if the IT department does nothing to address the risks associated with using unsupported and old technology by the company?

This webinar from IT Convergence will examine a case study of “Scrooge Enterprises,” an homage of "A Christmas Carol," by showing the audience what will happen to the company's IT department if it continues to use its current, out-of-date technology, and then showing them what will happen if the company adopts newer, more cost-effective solutions.


What you’ll learn:

  • The Cost of Doing Nothing: Understand the potential future effects of several past cost-cutting decisions, i.e., moving away from Oracle support, moving away from maintenance/support in general, no patching, not upgrading Oracle Database 12c to 19c, etc.
  • Case Study of Scrooge Enterprises: Explore the former, current, and potential future state of this fictional enterprise and how they could be impacted by continuing to work with unsupported and outdated technologies.
  • Paths Forward: What can happen if companies do nothing, do something, or modernize their technologies?
  • Modernization Suggestions for Biggest Positive Economic Impact


Kim Circle


Kimberly Bell

VP, Pre-Sales & Practices – Cloud Managed Services