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The Costs & Risks of Losing Premier Support: Why you Need to Modernize your EBS Now

By the end of December 2021, all Oracle EBS R12.1.3 customers will be out of Premier Support and will stop receiving new fixes, updates and security patches for their environment. While 12.1.3 is quite stable, the implications of losing Premier support shouldn't be underestimated.

Watch our webinar, as we clarify the misconception around the extension of support timelines for EBS due to COVID-19, and provide a clear view of the costs, risks, and negative impact of losing Premier support.

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What you will learn:

  • Latest EBS Support Timelines
  • Costs, Risks, and Impact of losing Premier Support
  • What happens if you wait too long on your next step - specific customer case(s)
  • New EBS features in 12.2


Gustavo Speaker
Greg Speaker
Richard Speaker

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