Managing CEMLIs while migrating EBS to OCI


Is the effort and risk of losing your Configurations, Extensions, Modifications, Localizations, and Integrations (CEMLI) holding you back from migrating your Oracle Applications to OCI cloud?

Gartner recommends, identifying critical gaps in current integration capabilities by assessing your organization’s integration maturity objectively against the target maturity required to deliver your strategic business goals.

With midsize and large organizations aggressively adopting a multi cloud or hybrid IT strategy, successfully migrating Oracle EBS applications from on-premise or collocated at a hosting provider to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) requires a complete understanding of your current environment, including your CEMLIs.

This whitepaper will guide you through managing your EBS CEMLIs for :

  • Managing database dependencies
  • Managing custom forms
  • Managing concurrent programs & reports
  • Managing custom integrations
  • Modernize CEMLIs after migration to OCI

These critical areas will help you refine your migration journey and ensure faster ROI.